Reno Firefighters IAFF Local 731 takes great pride in having a growing group of incredible retirees. All of you have dedicated portions of your lives to building what we have today and it is our privilege to honor you however we can. We are incredibly grateful for the years of dedicated service that all of you have provided to not only the citizens of Reno, but to our IAFF Local!

If you retired from the Reno Fire Fighters Association, Local 731, we want you to be an Active Retiree. Click on the “Buy Now” link below and you will be redirected to the PayPal site to pay the dues. Maintaining active retiree membership affords you continued voting for representation, bylaws, etc., as well as the right to attend all Local 731 meetings. Membership also assists your Local 731 by providing larger membership numbers that translate into expanded influence in the organizations that fight for active and retired members’ welfare, such as IAFF, NNCLC, AFL-CIO, and the PFFN. The number one reason to maintain active retiree membership? Support those that follow behind you as those that came before supported you, and continue the tradition of brotherhood and family that you spent a career enjoying.